Cyclotek Staff Initiative Generates $10,000 in Donations for Emergency Bushfire Appeal – January 2020

Posted on: 11 March 2021Latest News,Uncategorized

In January 2020, Australian communities and wildlife were devastated by massive bushfires that swept across the country. Following the 2019- 2020 fire season, almost 13 million hectares of land had burned, 33 people had lost their lives and over one billion animals were killed, with many more displaced.[1]


In response, Cyclotek staff members Reshmi Kiran and Rebecca Van Eeden initiated a fundraising campaign across all Cyclotek sites in Australia and New Zealand. As Cyclotek values targeted approaches towards improving lives, we sought to support numerous organisations that were providing direct relief during the crisis. Cyclotek donations went towards organisations supporting communities, wildlife and firefighters including: Wildlife Vic, WWF Australia, NSW Wires, NSW RFS, CFA Victoria, GIVIT, Community Enterprise, Red Cross, Greening Australia, Port Macquarie Koala Hospital and Gippsland Emergency Relief.


Through local fundraising and donation activities, Cyclotek was able to raise $10,605 in donations. This was a great initiative and showed tremendous generosity from the staff and management of Cyclotek.


[1] Parliament of Australia:

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