Head Office

Address: Cyclotek Head Office
Level 7, 14-20 Blackwood Street
North Melbourne, Victoria. 3051 

Email: enquiries@cyclotek.com For all correspondence please mark attention to: Mr. Greg Santamaria

The operations of the group is under the management of the Directors who fulfill the following roles:

  • Greg Santamaria – CEO & Business Development
  • Rob Ware – CMO, Clinical Trials & Clinical Utility
  • Trevor Fitzjohn – Clinical Utility & Operational Support (NZ)
  • Jeremy Sharr – Clinical Trials & Clinical Utility (NZ)

Senior Management Roles are undertaken by:

  • Mark Frazzetto; Director of Operations – Quality, Regulatory and Research
  • Josh Seale; Director of Operations – Production, Logistics and Facilities
  • Cheryl Falzon – QA Senior Associate – Validation
  • Scott Beck and Marc Couperthwaite; Product & Quality Control Managers
  • Mathew Heald; Product Development & Implementation Manager
  • Rebecca Dodgson; Operations Manager
  • Melanie De Graff; Microbiologist
  • Robert Santamaria – Infrastructure Manager

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