Cyclotek NSW Pty Ltd

Address: Macquarie University Hospital, Level B2, 3 Technology Place, Macquarie University NSW 2109

Phone: (02) 8223 4803

Fax: +61 TBA


This facility was established in 2010 by Cyclopharm Limited. The facility was originally designed to enable 18F production for routine synthesis products together with 64Cu and 89Zr isotopes for research. In 2016, the facility ceased operations. Cyclotek, Cyclopharm and Macquarie University have since negotiated a position whereby Cyclotek has use of the assets and facility for 10+ years to develop and enhance radiopharmaceuticals for New South Wales but also Australia and international markets.

Cyclotek NSW Pty Ltd officially took over this facility on the 2nd January 2019.

Main Infrastructure capability:

  • GE PETtrace Cyclotron (1)
  • Solid Targets – 64Cu
  • Comercer Hot Cells (5)
  • Comecer solid target hot cells
  • GE Fastlab 1 (4)
  • Research synthesis units
  • QC laboratory
  • Laboratory space for other radiopharmaceutical  products

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