Posted on: 06 January 2023

(a) In March 2022, Cyclotek launched its online ordering system called COP (Cyclotek Ordering Platform) to enable our customers to have better interaction with us, provide ease of ordering via a WEB portal with all their users, products and methods of supply at their finger-tips together with reporting tools.

(b) In July 2022, PSMA PET/CT was listed on the Medical Benefits Scheme.

(c) Cyclotek secured multiple Contract Development and Manufacturing agreements with Oncosil, Clarity, ImaginAb and Aricium.

(d) By December 2022, Cyclotek had validated 177Lu(n.c.a.)-PSMA-Therapy and 177Lu(n.c.a.)-DOTATATE, making GMP-grade therapies an affordable option.

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