Posted on: 17 June 2017

(1) Cyclotek New Zealand undertakes a technology transfer for the manufacture of 18F-DCFPyL a Prostate Specific Radiopharmaceutical. Supply commenced in June 17;

(2) ASAN Medical Center and Duchembio Co. Ltd. announce Strategic Partnership with Cyclotek for Exclusive Licensing of [18F]FP-CIT in Australia and New Zealand. 18F DATscan for imaging of patients being evaluated for uncertain Parkinsonian syndrome – differentiating patients suffering from PD and non-PD related tremor;

(3) At the request of Peter MacCallum and Genentech, Cyclotek undertakes a technology transfer for 18F FES for use in breast cancer monitoring;

(4) Cyclotek appoints Mr Doug Cubbin as an independent Director;

(5) Cyclotek, in conjunction with GE Healthcare and Macquarie University, has been awarded funding under the Commonwealth’s Cooperative Research Centres – Project (CRC-P) to conduct a clinical trial to evaluate 18F DCFPyL in comparison to WB Bone Scans and CT;

(6) Research Manufacturing and/or Supply Agreements have been signed with Telix Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Monash University, Queensland Institute of Medical Research, The Prince Charles Hospital Foundation, Melbourne Health and inviCRO, LLC (Institute of Neurodegerative Disorders).

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