Cyclotek collaborated with FREO2 Foundation in donating medical oxygen equipment towards the COVID-19 treatment efforts in Uganda

Posted on: 15 March 2021Latest News

In June of 2020, Cyclotek collaborated with FREO2 Foundation, Supergas and Logical Freight Solutions (LFS) to donate medical oxygen equipment towards the COVID-19 treatment efforts in Uganda. With the generous donation of surplus oxygen units from Supergas and the tireless refurbishing efforts of FREO2, Cyclotek was able to fund the freighting of critical oxygen facilities by LFS. Together, we supplied 13 oxygen concentrators, 3 pulse oximeters, 12 infrared thermometers, 6 oxygen analysers and 300 nasal cannulas for the Ministry of Health Uganda.


The donated oxygen equipment was deployed in COVID-19 treatment centres across the country in high dependency and intensive care units: “This support addressed the much-needed oxygen supply that we did not have access to” says Dr Dan Murokora, leading obstetrician-gynaecologist in Uganda and Executive Director of Brick by Brick Uganda.


Uganda continues to grapple with the impact of COVID-19, totalling over 40,000 confirmed cases[1] and requiring 1,478 cubic metres of oxygen each day.[2] The pandemic has illuminated the need for access to essential oxygen therapy: “With limited oxygen access, patients are dying before they can even access oxygen treatment” says Dr Murokora. Almost half of all health facilities in Uganda and other low-to-middle income countries are ill-equipped for the rising demand of vital medical oxygen.[3] “We believe the best way to alleviate this problem, is to have oxygen apparatus readily available and functional at critical levels of care” suggests Dr Murokora, “the government has increased their investment in oxygen during this pandemic, however, further planning, funding and implementation of a comprehensive oxygen strategy is still urgently needed”.


FREO2 Foundation’s mission is to enable access to oxygen to save lives and reduce inequalities in health. The foundation works in sub-Saharan Africa to provide novel oxygen technologies and reduce the gap in access to oxygen. “With an unused surplus of oxygen facilities here in Australia, it seemed absurd not to address the disproportionate oxygen access gap that Uganda is currently facing with COVID-19” says Dr. Roger Rassool, Co-Founder and CEO of FREO2 Foundation. The FREO2 team determinedly undertook the refurbishment work of these surplus oxygen facilities to ensure that they were of medical standard and ready for urgent patient treatment.


“We take for granted the benefits that are afforded to us by being lucky enough to be born in Australia where medical services are widely available” says Greg Santamaria, CEO of Cyclotek. “Thanks to the tireless efforts of Robert Santamaria (Cyclotek) and Matt Webber (LFS) packaging and movement of the oxygen units occurred promptly and without interruption” says Mr Santamaria. Cyclotek is gratified to support organisations like FREO2 who are likeminded in their passion for healthcare innovation and strive to achieve global healthcare equality.


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