Cyclotek Melbourne Pty Ltd

Address: Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre Level 2B, 305 Grattan Street Melbourne, Victoria. 3000

Phone: +61 3 9467 4966

This facility is under construction within the new Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre (new home of Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre) in the Parkville prescient. Peter MacCallum is Australia’s only dedicated cancer hospital and research facility.

The new hospital will sit amongst a rich concentration of world-renowned educational, research and clinical facilities.

The Parkville Precinct is recognized as a hub of healthcare, research and educational excellence, characterized by a cluster of research institutions and facilities co-located within or near major hospitals and with strong linkages with the University of Melbourne. These facilities and organizations have contributed significantly to advancements in cancer, neuroscience and mental health, medical bionics and infectious diseases. They also have strong capabilities in information and communications technology and life sciences.

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Cyclotek will own and operate a GMP Licensed commercial PET Radiopharmaceutical facility on level B2 which will also support Peter MacCallum PET tracer research laboratories co-located next to Cyclotek. This is an exciting opportunity and provides mutual benefits for both Peter MacCallum and Cyclotek to early developments and systems to enable “distributable” tracers to other centres in support of patient access and patient equality.

The facility will be operational by end of 4th quarter 2016.

Main Infrastructure capability:

  • GE PETtrace Cyclotron (1)
  • Comercer Hot Cells (6)
  • GE Fastlab 2 (1)
  • GE Fastlab (1)
  • Research synthesis units
  • QC laboratory
  • Research laboratories in conjunction with Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre